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Gaga For Early Soundbirds!

Soundcloud link to 'Applause' Remix

Here is a little goody for the early soundbirds among you!

Making a kinda ‘Bigroom House’ Remix from Lady Gaga’s latest single ‘Applause’

The completed version will soon appear here and on my soundcloud page!

Click the image above for the music preview!

Enjoy the music folks!

New Remix!


Soundcloud link to 'Roar' Remix

Time for some new music!

Here’s my brand new remix from Katy Perry’s latest single ‘Roar’.

This time i went for a little more dancy feeling on the track!

Enjoy the music and get your free download of this track by clicking the image or by going to my Discography

Enjoy the music folks!

The Remix that didn’t win

Soundcloud link turn up the love

I’ve entered an official remix contest by Belgian producer Peter Luts,

for his new track called ‘Turn Up The Love‘ featuring Eyelar.

Although the entry didn’t win, i’d like to share my remix entry with you guys!

Get your free download of this track by clicking the image or by going to my Discography

Enjoy the music folks!